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    I am a BeST Scoping Techniques graduate with 13 years of experience working with both official and freelance court reporters. I have worked on depositions and hearings covering a wide variety of subjects ranging from a Texas capital-murder case, New Mexico Oil Conservation Division, medical experts from numerous specialties, bankruptcy, Workers' Compensation, and military fact-finding hearings.

    I have six years' work experience in the medical and dental insurance industry, and my knowledge of medical terminology is excellent. I have 8 years' experience teaching English and grammar, and I have a better-than-average grasp on Spanish. For me, research is a fun part of the job, and my knowledge of seemingly random or obscure topics reveals my love of trivia.

    In 13 years, I have never missed a deadline. I use Case CATalyst with a current support contract. My rates are competitive, my turnaround time is top notch, and I have a preference sheet for you to fill out to help me adapt quickly to your style.

    For scheduling inquiries and other information, you may reach me at I look forward to working with you.

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