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Preference Sheet

    Graduate of the BeST Scoping Techniques Program
    Working on the Eclipse V8 Edit Station

    Your uncompromising requirement for accuracy and promptness drives my approach to my work. As a full-time scopist, I am able to provide a turnaround time of three to five days on almost any transcript. Your need for expedited work will be accommodated as far as is reasonably possible.

    Fees for services are within the general market range, reflecting the quality of work you can always expect from me. We will be able to set a realistic scale once we discuss the general nature and volume of your transcript needs.

    You will appreciate it that my single overall goal is to ensure that you receive professional results from me every time. I look forward to establishing and growing a long and mutually productive working relationship with you.

    Please contact me at the following:
    904 923 0837 or

    Thank you.

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